Shock Tube System

ST Starter 65 m

The Shock Tube System™ is a versatile non-electric initiation system designed primarily for demanding military applications and tasks applicable among Police and Rescue forces.

The Shock Tube System™ matches various types of explosive charges for use in different kinds of blasting operations. It gives reliable initiation of charges used for EOD, cutting, demolition etc. The system is also well-suited for smaller fortification works and rock-blasting operations.

The product consists of in principal 4 components;

Grip switch – the mechanical device which when adapted to the percussion cap, initiates the percussion cap by means of a mechanical impact. The grip switch is during transport and storage disassembled from the percussion cap of safety reasons.

Percussion cap – the initiator of the shock tube. When assembled to the grip switch and fired this device gives a small detonation just enough to initiate the adapted shock tube. The percussion cap is permanently assembled to the shock tube by means of a crimping joint. The attachment is secured with a rubber sealing element which gives water tightness and certain tensile strength resistance.
The detachable joint between the grip switch and the percussion cap is a screw joint reinforcement of standard (M12x1,75) or optional dimensions.

Shock Tube – the non-electric signal conductor of low energy type. A plastic hollow tube with outer diameter of 3,0 mm (standard) or 2,4 mm (Minitube), respectively inner diameter of 1 mm. The inner layer is covered with a small amount of explosives, which makes the shock wave signal to propagate. The explosives is a mixture of HMX (octogen) ~ 90% and aluminium powder ~10%, and the core load is in the range 10 – 20 mg/m. The plastic tube is built up of 1 – 3 different polymer layers to ensure its mechanical and physical properties.
The shock tube is permanently attached to the detonator by means of a rubber sealing which gives water tightness and certain tensile strength resistance. The shock tube is designed not to burst or crack during detonation, thus not affecting its surroundings by any impact.

Detonator – the blasting cap which transforms the shock wave signal from the shock tube to a detonation, dimensioned to initiate surrounding explosives. The detonator has a standard outer diameter of ø7,5 mm (optional ø6,9 mm) and a length varying from 54 to 105 mm depending on delay time. The detonator shell is of aluminium. The shell is primarily marked with safety text “DANGER – EXPLOSIVES – DETONATOR” and its delay time in milliseconds. The delay time of the detonator is customer designed and is available from instantaneous (nominal 40 ms) to maximum 6000 (optional 8000) ms.
The strength of the detonator is in its standard configuration “No. 8”, or according to Prior test #12. This corresponds to a base charge of approximately 1 g PETN/RDX.


  • A full range initiation system for firing of various types of explosive charges
  • Unmatched safety — virtually insensitive to electric and electromagnetic hazards
  • Outstanding reliability and durability in demanding and extreme environments
  • Robust and user-friendly design
  • Quick and simple learning
  • Self sufficient and independent function — no battery packs etc.
  • Simplified logistics thanks to a minimum of stock items

Technical data

Product Standard Options
ST Detonator
  • 7,8m
  • Transportation class 1.4S
  • Detonator delay 40 ms
  • Mil green shock tube Ø3,0 mm
  • Other shock tube lenghts
  • Other delays on detonators
  • Black shock tube Ø3,0 mm
  • Connector
  • Black “Minitube” Ø2,4 mm
ST Starter
  • 30, 65, 100, 320 m
  • Transportation class 1.4S
  • Detonator delay 40 ms
  • Mil green shock tube Ø3,0mm
  • Other shock tube lenghths
  • Other delays on detonators
  • Black shock tube Ø3,0mm
  • Black “Minitube” Ø2,4 mm
RFS 10 m
  • Instantaneous detonator
  • Transportation class 1.4S
  • Mil green shock tube Ø3,0mm
  • Other delays on detonators
  • Black shock tube Ø3,0 mm
ST System 30 sec
  • Instantaneous detonator
  • Percussion cap + grip switch
  • Mil green shock tube Ø3,0mm
  • Other delays on detonators
  • Black shock tube Ø3,0 mm
  • Choice of shock tube length

Packaging and shipping

Almost all ST Systems are packed in transportation class 1.4S as standard. The systems are at standard packed in sealed aluminium foil bags and in type approved cardboard boxes (4D) granting a shelf-life of up to 10 years.

Other transportation classes (1.1B and 1.4B) can be applied upon request, as well as using a metal case as outer box (4A or 4B).

Far right: Cardboard box marked with contents label and dangerous goods label. Right: Aluminium bag with contents label.

Packaging for the Shock Tube System

Full range of products

Supplementing the products described herein any length from 1.2 up to 320 metres of the standard products can be supplied. The detonator delay time can also be chosen between 40 ms (instantaneous) and 8000 ms. In addition customer designed systems may also be offered on request.

Additional information

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